Power Apps Clock In and Out Easy System

This app is called “Clock In and Out Easy System”, it has been built with Power Apps and it is a New Year 2023 present from Creativity Spark to you.

Christian and I thought about something easy to implement with two ideas: First, to practice Power Apps and second to have an easy way to record employees’ timesheets at work. At the bottom of this post, you can see a video about how this app runs. 

We recommend this app for SME companies in order to have an easy tool for registering employees’ timesheets. 

We encourage you to make the app for yourself by following the steps below. You have also the link available at the end of this article if you want to download it. 

Elements needed: 

  • OneDrive for business 
  • Excel workbook 
  • Power Apps  

1st Step: Create an Excel workbook

Create an Excel workbook as shown in the image below and do not forget the format table for the data. Save this file in a directory in OneDrive. 

2nd Step: Create a Blank Canvas app

Create a Blank Canvas app and name it: Clock In and Out Easy System. 

Connect it to the Excel Online Business. 

Insert a Form and named it frm_Clock_In 

Now connect to the Excel book created in the previous step. 

Add the fields: Employee, Date_DataCard1 and ClocK_In_DataCard1 

Insert a button; In the Onselect write SubmitForm(frm_Clock_In)  

Run the app, click on the button, and see how a new row is created in the Excel file. 

Save changes. 

3rd Step: Some changes

Repeat actions from the previous step making changes to show Clock Out instead Clock In and in Onselect write SubmitForm(frm_Clock_Out) 

Run the app, click on the button, and see how a new row is created in the Excel file. 

Adjust colours, update the control names using your naming convention, and mark Date_DateCard1 and Date_DateCard2 as not visible. 

Save changes. 

Run the app, publish it, and share it with your users. 

You can see how the app works in the video below:  

Some considerations:  

We used Excel in this example because it is easier to build, especially for beginners, but it is recommended to use Dataverse in more advanced implementations. Dataverse provides more security, performance, and reliability than Excel in most scenarios. 

Additional functionality could be added to the app, but we prefer to keep it simple and give you the option to extend it according to your needs. 

Ideas for additional functionality:

  • Add a text box for comments
  • Add a button to take a photo and send it to the Human Resources department
  • To use Power Automate to make a flow to send a reminder email to the manager to check the timesheets

If you need help customizing this app or creating any other one, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you! 

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